Krakovec Castle ruin

The castle was founded in 1381 by Jíra of Roztoky, an influential courtier of King Wenceslas IV. This excellent building from Wenceslas´ court builders is a great example of the development of castle architecture in the Czech lands in the late 14th century. (more…)


The city of Benešov (population 16 600) is situated in a hilly countryside between regions of the Vltava River and the Sázava River, 40 kilometres southeast of Prague. Benešov is an ancient town with valuable architectural monuments, such as the Gothic church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century, a part of a Gothic presbytery of the Minorite Monastery Church from the mid-13th century, or the Baroque building of the Piaristic College with the Church of St. Anne from the early…

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

7. 3. 1850 Hodonín – 14. 9. 1937 Lány The Czech philosopher and sociologist, later the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic, was born in Southern Moravia, but he took to Central Bohemia. He particularly liked two places where, as a statesman, he had his summer residences: the chateaux in Hluboš and Lány. (more…)

Bedřich Hrozný

6. 5. 1879 Lysá nad Labem – 12. 12. 1952 Praha This world-renowned orientalist and archaeologist was to become an evangelical pastor and continue the work of his father, a pastor in Lysá nad Labem. At Vienna University he enrolled in an evangelical theology course, but after the first semester he decided to do oriental studies. (more…)

Bedřich Smetana

2. 3. 1824 Litomyšl – 12. 5. 1884 Praha The founder of Czech national music was led to music by his father, Litomyšl’s brewer. At the age of 19 Smetana got a job as a music teacher in Count Leopold Thun’s family and also began to study music. To make his dream (conducting an orchestra) come true, he moved to Goteborg, Sweden, in 1856. (more…)