The Czech Museum of Silver invites you on 21 – 22 June 2014 to the XXIII annual Royal Silvering of Kutná Hora historic festival. This annual historic festival is organised by the Silver Kutná Hora civic association in collaboration with the CMS. This grand festival will return Kutná Hora’s Royal upper town to the year 1414. More at


Glass Fair

The Glass Art Centre, Glassworks František in Sázava, invites you to the Glass Fair, which is taking place on 5 July 2014 in the new Glass Art Centre in Sázava.

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The Friends of Zlenice Castle club invites you to their Middle Ages Revived by the castle, or Mediaeval crafts at first hand event, which will take place on 26 -27 July 2014 at Zlenice Castle.

Come and look around and try for yourself these ancient crafts: spinning, weaving, leather imprinting, metal forging etc.

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The Strawberry festival (Jahodobraní), which is organised by the Benice baroque estate in the Benešov region, recalls the tradition of growing strawberries in Bohemia. The complete programme will revolve around this summer treat. It will include tastings of strawberry delicacies, and a varied programme for children. Any visitors bringing home-made products containing strawberries is in with the chance of winning some valuable prizes.

‘Not many people know that nearby Krňany is considered the cradle of strawberry growing in Bohemia. Strawberry growing became widespread in the region, and became an important income for the local population. Krňany’s coat of arms even has strawberries in it,’ says Tomáš Havelka, director of FAVORY Horses s.r.o., which runs the Benice estate. The strawberry festival, given the subtitle ‘a festival of strawberry flavours’ is planned to take place each year when these sweet fruits ripen.

What can visitors look forward to? Sales of fresh strawberries and plants, tastings of strawberry delicacies, strawberry recipes, talks on the history of strawberry growing in Bohemia, and other strawberry surprises. Strawberry dumplings with traditional curd cheese, for example, will be served. And kids will find much for them too, with street jesters, archery tests, shopkeeper songs with Václav Šmerák lyrics and pictures by artist, Magdalena Stářková Timplová, workshops and fairytales by Dokola theatre group.

Krňany strawberries and strawberry growing are well-known is specialist publications. Rudolf Strimpl, leaseholder of the St Vitus Chapter’s farm in nearby Teletín-Chlístov, was responsible for their promotion. In 1896, he had his friend in America send him his first field strawberry plant set. From there, the juicy red fruit spread to Bohemia and Moravia. In the Benešov region, and in Neveklov specifically, the growing of strawberries was an important source of income for the population. This was brought to an end with the forced expulsion of the local population in 1942 when an SS training ground was set up in the area. Although the growing of strawberries was renewed after liberation, there is currently no large grower here.

Jaroslava Tůmová

Contact for further information:

Tomáš Havelka, tel.: 724 054 267, e-mail:

From 29 May until 30 July, pictures, sculptures, illustrations and paintings on silk are exhibited in the castle in Týnec nad Sázavou by castle warden and artist in one person, Magdalena Stárková-Timplová under the title ‘My World’, and give an insight into a life full of joy and comfort. ‘I’m naturally an optimist, which is why I don’t want to put anything negative in my pictures; there are enough bad things around us, so why would I want to make any more?’ says the painter. The opening will take place on 31 May from 5 pm.

At the exhibition, you will see mainly pictures, complemented by a number of sculptures, illustrations to the poems of Jan Jakub Šalamoun, and paintings on silk. Pictures of cats will predominate. Stářková-Timplová estimates that she has painted hundreds of cats. ‘I really love cats. They’re wonderful creatures, affectionate, clever, graceful in movement… I’ve got loads to learn from them. If I could, my house would be full of cats. In facr, though, I don’t have any because my son is allergic,’ she notes.

Cats were apparently on the first pictures which began her career as an artist. She began to paint a lot at secondary school. ‘At that time, I was heavily influenced by painter, illustrator and writer, Petr Sís, I was deep in his book, The Three Golden Keys, I loved it, and it touched something within me. I immediately painted my first picture, and then it followed on naturally from that,’ she remembers. She finds inspiration for her pictures when reading books or poems, while in the countryside, at the theatre, at exhibitions, and in her three children.

Magdalena Stárková-Timplová studied print graphics, which she can work on along with painting in her work as a warden at the castle in Týnec nad Sázavou, a position she acquired by chance through the theatre – she was working with amateur group, Netopýr, which worked at the museum there, and when the position of warden became vacant, she applied for it and got it. ‘I’m satisfied when people like what I do, when they come and enjoy themselves,’ she says.

Her world of fantasy has been seen by gallery visitors in the Czech Republic – including in Benešov, Tábor, Prague, Františkovy Lázně and Chlumec nad Cidlinou – as well as in Japan. ‘I don’t exhibit at any price though, I give myself time for painting. I’m not an artist who would need to have an exhibition every month,’ she adds. Lots of people have also found her on the internet, such as on the website or

Jaroslava Tůmová

Contact for further information:
Magdalena Stárková-Timplová, tel.: 775 217 230, e-mail: